History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 315

Chapter 315: http://www.mediafire.com/?norm0txnp1z


~ by vaelis on November 28, 2008.

17 Responses to “History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 315”

  1. Thanks

  2. Thanks a lot….

  3. Thanks you!

  4. I can’t wait to download these but I have to until 302 to 309 come out.

  5. the 2 arcs are unrelated really, feel free to read 310+

  6. Thanks a lot for putting this out, especially in a way where you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it.

  7. I read them now I’m confused… why is he all friendly to the lil loli girl? Usally he’s scared shitless of all Yomi… but why not her? Damn gonna have to pull an all nighter lookin for either raws or translated for 302-308.

  8. And that, is why, I think its useless to skip ahead to translate manga. Skips important things. Should just pick up a new manga, or one that doesn’t have as much coverage as this one. Its common sense.

  9. Thank you very much

  10. thanks

  11. Thanks for Kenichi! I do like that you skipped the previous chapters since what matters more to me is to read the latest chapters rather than complete the ones that are being done by others anyway. It’s not as if you were the only scanlator of HSDK. And I’d rather have the option of reading in whichever order I want instead of waiting for old story arcs to be finished. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  12. I apriciate your efforts, thanks

  13. moar

  14. thank you for your hard work

  15. thanks thanks!!!! this seems like it’s up to date according to the raws i have downloaded but don’t understand

  16. Thanks

  17. thanks

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